Drew from Enstrumental holding a framed artwork with 'RAP - LIES = HIP HOP' shirt

Dwamina Drew (“Drew”) is an urban historian, art collector and curator, filmmaker, and Chicago-based designer. He founded the company Enstrumental Clothing (now Brand) in July of 2007.

Drew created Enstrumental with the desire to produce products and concepts that surpass the expectations of the masses. The company's primary objectives are to construct and (re)present positive, engaging, and revolutionary creations through material and artistic expression. Additionally, Enstrumental aims to produce products that compel onlookers to consciously step outside their ideological comfort zones.

Drew from Enstrumental standing in front of a wall covered in album covers

The mission - To infuse fashion and social commentary into an art form often saturated in clichés and empty dialogue. With one of the goals being to "make the complex simple," Enstrumental flatly repudiates the disposition of exposing individuals to indistinct and numb expression for unpalatable satisfaction.

Since its inception, Drew (Enstrumental) has created over 100 products, and curated and launched numerous art campaigns/projects.

Enstrumental released an Obama-inspired shirt ("Politics as Unusual" in 2007), which received approval from the Obama campaign (and the president-elect himself).

In 2007, Drew coined the concept/phrase "RAP - LIES = HIP HOP,” which he has owned since 2008.

With designs drawn off inspiration from such individuals as Nikki Giovanni, MLK, Angela Davis, Fred Hampton, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Harold Washington to name a few, Drew has created each and every product for Enstrumental with the intent to tell a story - to raise the social and political consciousness of the masses by breaking down complex people, philosophies, and messages.

Drew from Enstrumental

Drew has officially collaborated with such notable artists and musicians as Lupe Fiasco, Little Brother, DJ Premier, Hebru Brantley, Robert Glasper, Max Sansing, Kayla Mahaffey, Langston Allston, Shani Crowe, Dale Edwin Murray, and Wood Harris. Together, these artists have worked with Drew (Enstrumental) to manufacture products and premiere art projects that honor the community, promote uplifting dialogue and action, offer engaging concepts and images, and educate and inspire others with their messages … all via the cotton and artistic canvas.

In September 2015, Drew released his first film, “The Revenge of Emmett Till,” which he personally wrote, funded, and directed. The film follows Drew as he obtains the complex and intimate story from Emmett’s family and other highly regarded Black artists. The objective of this film is to ensure that Emmett’s memory lives on in light, and not be muddled in darkness. Furthermore, it was created to identify, explore, and promote working solutions in addressing race relations and the injustice of human rights. “The Revenge of Emmett Till” is an intelligent perspective from and for a younger generation who deserves the knowledge that history books choose not to acknowledge.

As the brand has evolved, the recent focus has been in arts education, with the desire to provide instruction, create access, and engage the community in conversations on collecting art, art preservation, legacy/assets, art history, and arts and activism.

“In order to be effective, with your words you must be selective, ‘cause showing and proving is the prime directive.”