Enstrumental + Dale Edwin Murray

The year was 1989.
The Summer.
The borough was Brooklyn - Bedstuy.
The location was the corner of Bedford Ave. & Quincy Street.
The MC was 17.
The name was Christopher Wallace.
The video was grainy, yet the skills were clear.
The neighborhood already knew him as one of the best.
The masses would soon recognize him as: Unbelievable!

In the fall of 2021, I collaborated with the brilliant U.K.-based illustrator and graphic artist – Dale Edwin Murray. With this project, me and Dale wanted to highlight a historical and pivotal moment in Hip Hop history, for which there were no known photos. We wanted the ART to capture a time before smartphones, when most people were “in the moment,” rather than merely capturing it (with cameras). Instead of crafting a photorealistic representation, with this project, we aimed to convey the organic feeling of what it was like to just “be there.”

From the UK to BK.
Spread Love … It’s the Brooklyn Way.