Limited Edition Print Project Release

March 2022

In March of 2022, I collaborated with the brilliant Chicago-based artist – Jamiah Calvin (Miah The Creator).

This print project was inspired by the music/production and cover of A Tribe Called Quest’s classic 3rd album – “Midnight Marauders.” One of the greatest albums (& covers) and groups OF ALL TIME.

The title of (and phraseology associated with) this release was in reference to the following:

Miah’s feelings/reaction upon first hearing this album,
  • The 3rd single and Track 10 from the album,
  • An exclamatory expression of excitement and surprise, in particular relation to Miah’s kids holding the vinyl record, viewing it as a shock to see this as an actual medium for audio recording/listening,
  • A spiritual interjection and prayerful invocation in the context of gratitude, and
  • A musical discovery and connection/”vibes” between the generations, speaking to the power, relationship, and legacy of a father and his son(s).

Listen up everybody, the bottom line,

I’m a Black intellect, but unrefined.”

— Q-Tip “Oh My God.” Verse 1. 1993.