Limited Edition Print Project Release

April 2023

Inspired by the music of LUPE FIASCO.

MUSIC inspired by the ART.

ART inspired by the MUSIC.

Back in January 2022, me, Sentrock, and Lupe Fiasco sat down at a coffee spot in LA, and had a “brainstorming” discussion on what 2 artists could collaborate on and produce, that could result in a culturally significant, artistically stimulating, and dually representative expression of creative skill and imagination in visual form. ART.

All while adhering to the phrase and shared objective of “Artists Honoring Artists.”

Fast forward:

Lupe created a unique audio art piece with Sentrock’s art as context, that served as the theme and inspiration for the print collaboration project.

Sentrock then joined me and the brilliant Ayesha Jaco (Lupe’s sis) on the West Side neighborhood where she and Lu grew up, and provided us with an insightful and descriptive narrative on the people, places, and experiences that helped to shape and invigorate their innovative output … ending up at the exact food and liquor store that influenced the name of the classic album.

Sentrock took these 2 elements and experiences as inspiration and content to create the art for what we ultimately presented.

The outcome was this print project.

With this print release, taking into account my (1) love for music (and vinyl for sure), (2) the collaboration with 2 supreme artists in their respective fields, and (3) the unique “audio art piece” from Lupe which served as inspiration for the art, I produced and presented something distinctive with the COA.

In a sense, another collector’s item.

The COA came in the form of a standard size piece of vinyl in 12-inch cardstock paper, with a 12-inch inner record sleeve, and customized vinyl record jacket (album cover).

Each individual that purchased this limited edition print also received this COA, signed and numbered by the artist (Sentrock).

Last, and certainly not least, we also shot a video for this project, which contained a snippet of the unique audio art track titled “SentRock,” that Lupe created and produced, which served as inspiration for the print collaboration project.

AVAILABLE on all streaming platforms.

Let me give an abundance of thanks and gratitude to Lupe for his continuous generosity, creativity, friendship, and participation with these projects, and for his legendary and historical contributions to this Rap / Hip Hop genre that has profoundly penetrated the “souls and situations” of society.

"I fell asleep beneath the flowers

For a couple of hours

On a beautiful day"

— Lupe Fiasco. "Daydream." Chrous.