Enstrumental + Kayla Mahaffey


Limited Edition Print Project Release.

March 2021

“The child who is not embraced by the village, will burn it down to feel its warmth.” –
African Proverb.


In March of 2021, I collaborated with the splendid Chicago-based artist – Kayla Mahaffey. The best way to describe and explain the meaning/message behind this piece and project is with the words of the artist: “This piece was meant to display the narrative of a child when faced with unfortunate circumstances and nowhere to go. I wanted it to give off a sense of loneliness and defeat, as well as destruction. I took on the subject of child abandonment, neglect, and the abuse that happens way too often in various communities everywhere, and the aftermath which can take a dark turn for the youth that reside in it. Toxic home environments can result in toxic behaviors, and when a child is faced with chaos, they may leave behind a path of destruction.


Home should be a place where we all feel protected, comforted, and surrounded by love and support – not a place of hostility. Our children are the foundation of the next generation, and our future leaders. Let’s get them there by empowering them and raising them up right. This all starts at home.”

Kayla Mahaffey – Artist.


When the history of art is recounted and disseminated in the years to come, I am of the firm and objective opinion that the work of Kayla Mahaffey will be rightfully etched in the immutable text detailing the production of the supreme “creatives.”


Her purposeful presentation of crucial and cultural themes and subjects runs parallel
with the pedigree of those who have elevated the expression and application of human creative skill and imagination.

“Put my heart and soul into this song

I hope you feel me,

From where I am, to wherever you are

I mean that sincerely,

Tomorrow may never come

For you and me, life is not promised,

Tomorrow may never appear

You better hold this very moment very close to you (Right now),

Very close to you (Right now)

So close to you! Soooo close to you!

Don't be afraid, just let it shine

My Umi said shine your light on the world,

Shine your light for the world to see.”

— Mos Def (Yasiin Bey). “Umi Says.” Verse 1 & Chorus.