In celebration & commemoration of 25 Years and 30 Years.

July 2017 – 25 Years. December 2022 – 30 Years.

July 2017 – 25 Years.

Decembler 2022 – 30 Years.


July 2017 – 25 YEARS (1st Collab)


Sip the juice, I got enough to go around
And the thought takes place uptown



“Know The Ledge”

Verse 1


On July 9, 2017, I hosted a private (and free) event titled “The Juice Project” – an experience, concept, and products capsule I created in celebration and commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the 1992 classic and legendary film – “Juice.”


I connected with Khalil Kain (“Raheem” from the film), to assemble and host a film, conversation, and pop-up shop, at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago.


At this event, we showed the film, which was followed by a conversation/ Q&A with Khalil Kain, which was moderated by one of the most supreme purveyors of Hip Hop / Rap culture amongst us today - Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive.


In addition, I also transferred the film center into a pop-up shop, which featured 3 limited edition prints, shirts, and accessories, all inspired by the ’92 release.  NOTE:  The shirts and prints from this pop-up were originally produced and released in January 2014.

With the discussion, Khalil discussed the filming of this movie in NYC in the early 90’s, the soundtrack, the detailed and elaborate stories about his friend Tupac, and his contributions to the cinematic landscape over the years.  In addition, he also gave wisdom and energy to the “creatives.”


Speaking to the prints, this event also featured the release of the very first print collab/release (sold out), that I connected on with the supremely talented Chicago-based artist extraordinaire – Bianca Pastel.


December 2022 – 30 YEARS (2nd Collab)


’Comin 'round your corner with my Uptown bunch
I bet your bottom dollar that you're bottom-buck chumps,
Give it up, it's a Juice thing I'm steppin' for the rep, and
Wreckin’ all the rest and


Treach (from Naughty by Nature)

“Uptown Anthem”

Verse 1


In celebration and commemoration of 30 years of the legendary and iconic film “Juice,” Bianca Pastel and I came together once again to release a Limited Edition run of prints (2 Editions) inspired by the classic film. The art was from Bianca’s original design that she created for the 25th anniversary back in 2017.


In December 2022, I traveled to NYC to meet up for a shoot and to build with Khalil Kain (“Raheem” from the film), at the same location/corner in Harlem where they filmed the scene of Tupac’s (“Bishop” in the film) altercation with “Radames,” when Raheem and Omar Epps (“Q” in the film) then came to Bishop’s defense … right before “Old Man Quiles” came out yelling.


Standing on the same corner where they filmed 30 years ago, me and Khalil reflected on 1992, his friendship with Pac, and specifically on what it was like to film this particular scene, and the “level of intensity” between him, Radames, Pac, and Treach.  The fight scene was not scripted at all; there were no “fighting” coaches. Ernest Dickerson (director of the film) essentially told them to just go at it, and the organic result is what you saw on film.  We also discussed his favorite scene of the movie, which was for him the most emotional – The scene where he struggled with Bishop to get the gun before Bishop “took him out.”