Enstrumental + Shani Crowe

In October 2020, I collaborated with the supremely remarkable Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist – Shani Crowe.

The pandemic/Covid postponed the “Red, Black, and Green (RBG)” show that me and Shani had planned for August 2020. That month and year marked 100 Years since the supreme & honorable Marcus Garvey and the United Negro Improvement Association formally adopted the Pan-African (RBG) Flag at the Declaration of the Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World in NYC.

We embarked on this project to commemorate this centennial, and celebrate/honor a rebel who inspired the masses and many of the Black leaders and movements after him.

In short/general, the RBG flag is an enduring symbol of Black liberation/consciousness, and representation of unity among the African diaspora. Garvey and the UNIA framed the need for a flag in a political context, a manifestation of Black collective identification, aspirations, and resistance to oppression.

100 Years of the Red, Black, and Green.
Celebrating the Centennial.

This was a tribute and honorary testimony to the bountiful beauty and paramount power of Black womanhood and creation, and the constructive and cultural connection to the liberating and revolutionary proclamations, positions, and productions of those like Marcus Mosiah Garvey, and others like him.

Fannie Lou.
Ida B.

To name a few.

Freedom On My Mind.
Freedom On OUR Mind.

An Education on Emancipation.